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Porcelain Steel Self-Adhesive Skin - Porcelain Steel Self-Adhesive Skins are available in markerboard or chalkboard surfaces. Skins are crafted from 24-gauge steel with a furnace-fused markerboard surface. Forget about glue and contact adhesives. Simply remove the protective sheet and mount the skin onto an existing board. Note: price and weight is per square foot based on standard sizes.


New-Rite® - New-Rite®, a quality dry-erase markerboard surface with excellent writability, is an easy solution for resurfacing old boards. Comes in rolls and may be cut to fit any existing writing surface. Glossy white surface is intended solely as a writing surface, but will accept magnets when resurfacing an existing magnetic board.

Porcelain Steel Panels - Panels consist of a porcelain steel surface mounted to 1/4” MDF. Medium density fiberboard resists moisture 14% better than standard particle board for a more stable surface over time. Ideal for partitions, cubicles, or resurfacing existing boards.

Retro Finish Panel - Replace or upgrade your board with ease with our Retro Finish Panel. Ideal for refinishing old chalk or markerboards. Available in standard sizes, but can be custom cut to accommodate your individual needs. Panels feature a porcelain on steel markerboard surface laminated to 1/4” MDF and are factory framed in 7/8” wide anodized aluminum. Pre-drilled holes and hardware included allow the pre-cut panels to be mounted inside of or on top of the existing board frame. Price and weight is per square foot based on standard sizes.