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Modular Boards

Adjustable Modular Boards - Mix and match surfaces in a room to create a multi-purpose space. Or change a math room with coordinate board to a music room with a music board as needed. This system allows panels to ge easily changed or adjusted to different heights. Choose from any 1/2" thick Best-Rite surface, including porcelain steel marketboard, Projection Plus board, Lightning Board Dura-Rite markerboard, Pale-Riter markerboard, Magna-Rite markerboard, EZ-Riter markerboard, porcelain steel chalkboard, most graphic boards, or any Cork-Plate tackable surface. Panels are attached with special brackets that hook into 6ft high standards that allow adjustments in 2" increments. Adjust surfaces to the perfect height for early childhood rooms, day care spaces, or wherever height adjustment is necessary. This system is ideal for special education or adult training areas that must make special accommodations for height. All panels are framed in 7/8"W x 5/8"D anodized aluminum. Modular boards are custom and non-returnable.

  • Quickly adjust panel heights to accommodate users with special needs.
  • Convert classrooms for different ages and grade levels.
  • Choose from 4' x 4' or 4' x 8' panels mounted onto 6 high standards.
  • All porcelain steel and Dura-Rite surfaces include a map rail.
  • Writing surfaces include a full-length accessory tray with our rubber Dura-Safe end caps.

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